New Beginnings

In the movies and books I guess, of Harry Potter, the Weasley family had a clock that told the location of the children at all times.  I always taught that this was an interesting concept I decided, after some idea help from Katrina, decided that this would be my next project.  At this point in the project, I am still not sure what form the clock will take, physical or digital, how it would work, or what it would contain.


End of Project

After several weeks of working on the moisture sensor I found that the design that I was working on( was made for an arduino UNO and not an Adafruit HUZZAH rendering my design useless.  So Tired of spending so long on this project I decided to start a new project that I could learn while doing.

Work In Progress

At this point in my project I am sill my trying to get my relay to work, which is a difficult task, with the test code I have written for it.

My breadboard set up at the moment.


My code for testing.

Proof of Concept

I set out to talk to my  math teacher about her about her concerns and ideas for the project.  Her primary concern, and why the water takes so long, was that the plants would overflow and start an electrical fire.  So we had a brain storming session and thought of either a moisture sensor in each plant or a small enough drip to prevent over watering.


For my project I turned to my math teacher who’s room is full of plants.  She has said that watering them all takes too much time everyday and takes up too much important mathing time.  So for my project I want to make an automatic watering system.  It will be made out of a central bucket of water with a water pump and a clock.  The clock would set of the water pump to send water to the plants.  It is also possible that I include a moisture sensor in each plant to regulate the water.